Maybe the most rock-oriented recording TD ever did.

This record contains 10 tracks of very pulsating and energy driving material. Three tracks from the album have already made their first public appearance during the gig 'One Night in Space - Live At The Alte Oper Frankfurt'.


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Tangerine Dream - Views from a Red Train (2008)


StatusStudio Album
Release dateApril 15, 2008
Playing time01:17:18
All Music byEdgar Froese
Released byEastgate 2008
Relased byKscope 2022


01.Carmel Calif00:07:32
02.Passing All Signs00:06:14
04.Hunter Shot By A Yellow Rabbit00:09:33
05.Nutshell Awakening00:06:37
06.One Night In Space00:06:55
07.Serpent Magique00:09:20
08.Lord Of The Ants00:09:40
09.Fire On The Mountain00:07:41
10.Sound Of A Shell00:06:41
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